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Each organisation, each situation and each candidate is unique. No two searches are alike. Yet every company seeks a similar outcome: finding the right fit. In order to make that happen, we concentrate our efforts on understanding all the facets of your business, industry and culture.

We take the time to listen to you, your company’s needs and requirements in great detail so as to identify the right talents. “The right candidate” does not necessarily refer to the “expected” candidate. They might not come from the same industry or might not have the expected background, yet they might be the missing piece to the puzzle.

At the Polyglot Group, we pride ourselves on keeping an open mind so as to find the right person for the job, not the right person on paper. Thinking outside the box is what sets us apart from others and what keeps us on our toes so that we may provide the best solution for your company. Your dedicated consultant is here to assist you throughout the search process and is your trusted advisor until the search is completed.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins

The Polyglot Group
Talent Recruitment

At Polyglot Group, we refer to our candidates as talents. This is because we believe every individual has something unique to offer. Our multilingual International teams work seamlessly across geographical boundaries & timezones to identify and attract top talents. Whether you’re a large multinational or a local SME, we partner with you to find the right the people who fit within your culture.

The Polyglot Group
Project Recruitment

Polyglot Group has extensive experience supporting local and international businesses by finding the right talents for their projects so as to minimise labour cost and optimise Human Resource (HR) & Payroll processes. Polyglot finds, employs and manages top talent to run these projects, enabling companies all over the globe to manage their employment risk and minimise project costs.

The Polyglot Group
Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a strategic tool that assists businesses to plan for long-term talent acquisition. Polyglot’s solution offers our clients a big picture view of the current talent landscape so as to save them time, money and mitigate risks. By utilising in-depth market intelligence & conducting a confidential analysis of talent pools, we’re able to assess what available talent is suitable for you.

The Polyglot Group
Executive Search

Research shows that the right executive leaders can deliver the superior capability required to grow businesses, increase profitability and productivity, as well as facilitate positive change. We passionately believe that people power successful organisations and as industry experts, we play a critical role unearthing the best executive talent that will help shape the future of your business.

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The Polyglot Group

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The Polyglot Group

We have been working with Polyglot Group since 2015, and all in all, the service they provide, the candidates they present and the staff we have eventually chosen have been & continue to be excellent. They have truly assisted us to expand in a controlled manner with talent we are working to provide a long term future for within the business. I would recommend Polyglot in a heartbeat.

Ian Knox - Finance Director at DCNS

I first came into contact with Polyglot 5 years ago before even moving to Australia. Their tenacity and service were so invaluable to me that I chose them as our HR Partner. I highly recommend Polyglot Group not only as a candidate, but now as a client as well. Their dedication to their craft is astonishing and I will continue to recommend them for all of their solutions and beyond!

Hervé Fiévet - CFO of Pierre Fabre

Polyglot has a unique and rare expertise in sourcing international profiles for businesses in Australia. Our company was looking for a very specific profile and only Polyglot was able to answer our needs in a timely and effective manner. The quality of the services provided by Polyglot is exemplary, from the screening and selection of suitable candidates for interviews to the follow up after the recruitment.

Magalie Pestel - Global Luxury Team Leader at Sabrands

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