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Sergi Olivé Muntasell

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Originally a small-town boy, Sergi grew up in a town between Barcelona and Girona. At age 16, Sergi moved to Nebraska to practice tennis and to study abroad. After beginning his study of Industrial Engineering, Sergi realised that his passion is working with humans. He switched his career path to study Business Administration in German. Through his further studies, Sergi became specialised in Marketing, Data Analysis and HR.

Once Sergi finished his degree, he focused his career on Talent Acquisition. Due to his easy adoption of new languages, Sergi recruited professionals from up to 12 different languages. From here, Sergi combined his skills in recruiting and analytical thinking to established a new tool which reported on recruitment patterns.

Sergi brings a unique touch to the HR world by always analyzing the best way to successfully reach his goals. He is not only fluent in Catalan, Spanish and English, but also in German. Sergi is passionate about bringing unique people together and helping them seize new opportunities.

Connect with Sergi:

The Polyglot Group +34 931 195 975
+34 699 109 697
The Polyglot Group Av. de Josep Tarradellas 38
Barcelona 08029 Spain
5 Things You Didn't Know About Sergi
Globe Wheeling A Deal When Sergi was 15, his mum gave him a choice: Either have a new PlayStation, or studying in the US!
Soccer Futbol Is His Religion True to his love of Futol, Sergi never misses a FC Barcelona match.
Brain 1 Discomfort Seeker Sergi’s personal goal is to always do something out of the ordinary & challenge himself.
Film Camera Filmography Mind Sergi is team MARVEL. He knows all of the latest TV shows and films.
Running Sport Adrenaline Sergi is a passionate athlete. In fact, he runs between 15 to 42 km just for fun!