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Paul Sanvoisin

Consultant Team Leader

From China to Spain, Paul has flourished in remarkable careers all over the world! Always on to rise to the challenge, Paul is the backbone of our EMEA HQ. His extensive and varied experience includes Project Management, Business Development, HR, Recruitment, Account Management and Marketing to name a few.

Paul’s big love is to help businesses thrive. His passion for optimising results means he is eager to help your business prosper.

Paul’s global experience means he also has a diverse mind-set—one to match his linguistic abilities! Speaking English, French, Spanish & currently improving his Mandarin, Paul is the epitome of a Polyglotter.

Connect With Paul:

The Polyglot Group +34 931 195 975
+34 685 523 407
The Polyglot Group Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 38
08029 Barcelona, Spain
5 Things You Didn't Know About Paul
Plane Spread Your Wings Paul’s biggest dream is to have the ability to fly. That way, he could go wherever he wants, whenever he pleases!
Starstruck Barcelona Lover Although of French origin, Paul doesn’t see the beauty in Paris – he much prefers Barcelona and its gypsy aura!
Globe Explorer Paul loves to travel. He tends to explore obscure places and avoid the frequently visited ones as he prefers their mystery.
Cooking What's Cooking? Paul loves cooking French and Spanish food, but believes he still has a lot to learn to perfect his craft.
Music Learning The Lingo Paul is a lover of languages. His current goal is to be become fluent in Mandarin, which would be his 4th language.