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Marion Comparet

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Marion is both Swiss and French, and could certainly be described as a global citizen. Her experience of working all over the world has kindled her love for connecting with people and new cultures. There's little wonder she thrives in her career as a Recruitment Specialist, where forming human connection is part of her speciality.

After her experience managing a team at high-end hotels in Geneva, Marion moved into the HR sector with a role at KPMG. Here, she specialised in talent retention, which she gained first-hand knowledge of what connects people with their careers.

As Polyglot Group's Talent Acquisition Specialist, Marion loves the rewarding aspect of matching enthusiastic candidates to fitting careers and seeing companies flourish with great talent!

Connect With Marion:

The Polyglot Group +34 931 195 975
+34 635 735 680
The Polyglot Group Av. de Josep Tarradellas
38 - 08029
Barcelona, Spain
5 Things You Didn't Know About Marion
Double Heart Humanitarian Lover Marion has carried out social work at an Orphanage in Chad and "Espoir Gessien” tiny house project in France.
Grandpa 2 Favourite Quote "But I dream things that never were and I say, why not?" Robert Kennedy
Passport World Traveller Marion has explored Mauritius, Berlin, Porto, Istanbul, Corfu, Croatia, Brazil & many more destinations!
Party Popper Go-Getter Marion loves change, which has enabled her to start her adventure in Barcelona!
Globe It's A Small World Marion has stumbled across people with coincidental mutual friends from other parts of the world!