Enphase Energy is an example of one of Polyglot’s global solar energy clients, with their recruitment being done globally thanks to collaboration between both our Sydney and Barcelona offices.


Enphase is a NASDAQ listed organisation with operations all around the globe and one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in the world. They produce reliable, smart and safe solar power systems that help increase the energy harvest of solar panels.

Jan Rieche, Polyglot’s GM for Energy & Infrastructure, has been collaborating with Enphase for more than a year to help establish their operations in several European countries as well as Australia, New Zealand and recently in Latin America.

Jan was invited to the annual Enphase ‘Global Sales Kick Off’ meeting in Petaluma, California to determine their sales strategy for the coming year. Jan personally participated in order to assist Enphase in expanding their market and team within the EMEA, APAC and Latin America region. Throughout the trip, Jan was able to witness the growth and development of Enphase’s headquarter located in Petaluma, California.

In the meantime, Polyglot Group’s Global Head of Market Development, Jacques Reynaud, has been working closely with senior management of Enphase Energy in Europe, in order to expand the team and market. Polyglot has become Enphase’s preferred and trusted partner in providing assistance and advice for HR and Recruitment solutions for their expansion outside the US.

So far, Polyglot Group has successfully recruited more than 20 people in several geographical locations for our client. Aside from their market leadership in the USA, Enphase is now recognised within Europe and the Australian market through Polyglot Group’s HR and Recruitment solutions.

For more information about Polyglot Group’s services in the Renewable Energy industry, or if you are seeking some useful advice to kick-start your global expansion in Europe please feel free to contact us.


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