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Polyglot Group is a leading global boutique consultancy dedicated to helping businesses expand & optimise their operations both locally & across borders.

With a global footprint spanning over 9 time zones as well as a network of expert partners across the globe, our sole mission is to ease business growth by breaking through cultural barriers.

As a one stop shop, we offer our clients one point of contact for all of their international development needs, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies.

The Polyglot Group Us In A Nutshell

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From the very beginning, Polyglot Group was created with family in mind. As a new mother in a new country, Corinne Bot was looking to have it all: an engaging job and be close to her children.

Having found a niche helping international subsidiaries grow in Australia, Corinne thought she would be able to help her clients 3 days a week. In her 25 years’ in business, Corinne has only ever gotten 1 thing very wrong… she never worked a mere 3 days a week.

Polyglot Group has since grown into a global family business
that is proud to help others grow to their full potential.

The Polyglot Group Story
icon 1 Over 20 Years in Operation
icon 2 66 Leading Industry Experts
icon 3 552 Combined Years Experience
icon 4 28 Languages Spoken
icon 5 Doing Business in 9 Time Zones
icon 6 + 1500 Happy Clients Worldwide
icon 7 574 Coffees Consumed A Week


In a world where the globe is at our fingertips yet we still get “lost in translation”, our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes and industries to thrive and prosper on a local and global scale. We strive to open the doors to the world by devotedly crafting the keys to growth.

The world is your OYSTER
& we have its ROAD MAP.






You believe in the tailor-made approach. You’re looking for above & beyond service and care for your business. You believe in real partnerships based on trust and honesty. You are a decision maker who likes things done right but has learned to delegate. You love simple, but not sterile. You want a partner that delivers expert advice so that you may do what you do best. You’re looking to grow but don’t know where to start. No need to worry. We’re here to help!

Our Values


We are unwavering in our belief to always better your business. We never leave
a leaf unturned.


We offer above & beyond service and care about your projects, your team and you. We always go the extra mile.


We are “doers” & “big picture thinkers”. We believe in “keeping it as simple as possible but no simpler”.


Our solutions are tailor
made to suit your needs.
We believe in the personal and human touch.


We work with integrity and believe in building trust. Authenticity is the best
policy in our books.


A celebration of our roots, our name represents us to our core. We believe people are the heart of our business and Polyglot Group’s DNA is evocative of this. Polyglotters all come from different cultures, different countries and speak a diverse number of languages. In our eyes, their background and experiences make them global citizens. The term “polyglot”, which originates from Greek, is fitting as it signifies “many tongues”. Multiculturalism and diversity is in our nature, yet what sets us apart is our deep understanding and celebration of both.


Polyglotters are smart, creative and ambitious. They look at problems from different perspectives and never fail to find unexpected solutions.

The Polyglot Group EXPORT AWARDS
NSW Women in International Business
The Polyglot Group ADP
Award of Exellence
The Polyglot Group EXPORT AWARDS
Business Services
The Polyglot Group SEEK
Medium Recruitement Agency of the Year
The Polyglot Group EXPORT AWARDS
Business Services
The Polyglot Group FACCI
Business Awards
The Polyglot Group SEEK
Favourite Recruitment Agency of the Year

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